Vermicompost Unit

jacobphilip compost unit

My learning curve with vermicompost has been a great journey, however, I have not been successful in getting the product out at this stage, it’s been about 200 days and I still don’t have any sort of product for the society, retail outlets or for personal use. There are technical things one has to learn on how to manage the vermicompost unit. Currently I am paying a consultant in my area to visit my farm every 2 months to look over my vermicompost unit to get it started. I spent about three and a half lakh rupees to built the vermicompost unit and I still don’t have one rupee as a return on investment. If I was dependent on only the dairy farm and its by-products today, I would have run into great financial constraints. With the help of this consultant I have begun the unit once again hoping to find better results in my production of vermicompost. What I have been told is that once the unit starts production, it will be easier in the future. Starting the vermicompost unit is difficult because the worms require certain conditions and we need to know the different layering system in between with cow dung, dry leaves maintaining moisture content within the vermicompost unit sustainable for the worms to multiply. Ants get attracted to the vermicompost unit and it is very important to keep them out of this place because they tend to eat the worms if you don’t pay attention. While building the vermicompost, the walls on the top section should be built in a curvy manner where you could fill water to prevent ants from entering the unit.
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