Reviving the Farming Dream in Kerala

Jacob Philip began his farming business as he laid his trust with a friend named Suresh. A trusted confidant from his past, with experience of working together in Dubai. Jacob trusted him a lot based on all the experiences they shared in Dubai.

They were both involved in tourism at the time and  spent a lot of time together in the deserts of UAE, sometimes about 20 days in a row taking care of various groups that travelled from various parts of the world. Jacob, a highly adventurous individual with great communication skills, educated in UAE and USA had companies across UAE trust important VIPs under his wings mainly companies that visited UAE for location scouting for movies, or movie producers and even embassy diplomats. Between all this, Jacob believed in a system called freedom, which he gives to all his employees.

He feels no one should work for 24 hours and no one should work for anyone. But this is not possible as someone has to be a leader in directing the freedom of another, this is when he started a company called Dion Digital Design in India. A virtual company with about 15 plus employees situated in various parts of India involved in Online Digital activities for clients from all industries, Jacob’s life is full of activities.

One can live to hear his stories all day long. When Jacob returned from Dubai where he had a Advertising Agency and Tourism Company. This tourism business brought Suresh into his life. Suresh, a typical Malayalee at heart, was a hard worker and a reliable friend.

They used to spend time in Dubai and in Kerala during their various trips together. Suresh left Dubai and moved to Kerala where he needed to find a legitimate Job. There was several occasions when Suresh had discussed about his problems in depth with Jacob.

This is when Jacob discussed his idea about his farm with Suresh. Jacob silently curated this dream from the back of his mind.  Jacob shared with him all the hopes and dreams he had about this farm. And slowly, Jacob’s dream became Suresh’s dream as well.

Together, he planned, researched and developed a million little details to put together. They spoke about hydroponics, the cows and much more. Suresh scoured over farming magazines, found out more about CO2 AND CO3 grass.

Jacob promised to stick by him as a brother and pick Suresh from this dark phase and eventually run the farm together as business partners. Suresh found hope and Jacob felt his dreams can come true with help from a trusted confidante.

Jacob was also pleased to have him as part of the farm because of his pure Malayalee background. Suresh was more familiar with the Keralite culture than Jacob. He would be able to efficiently source material for the farm.

Plus, while Jacob could continue working on his advertising and bring in more budget for the farm, Suresh would be able to manage it during the days Jacob was travelling for his online business across India. Suresh was the perfect man for the job and the farm plan had given him Suresh a new zest for life. Everything was looking up for Jacob.


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