Kerala Organic Farming

“Kerala Organic Farm”, the best source for up-to-date information on everything farm-related, is an exclusive portal run by Farmers for Farmers to share their experiences, knowledge, and production information. The initial idea of Kerala Organic Farm (KOF) sprouted when a young man named Jacob Philip, could not find any animal-centric online market place where farmers like himself require a one-stop shop for specific farming knowledge. He realized that having a portal like that was essential for people like himself who has the passion but lack the time, who has very little knowledge about farming but was yearning to learn more. He wanted to build a community so that budding farmers can learn from the experiences of other more established farmers of small or big sized farm. This thought inspired him to create a space for people to read about how other farms formed, how they build themselves and how they reached where they have reached – the hurdles they probably faced, the mistakes they made, the best tried and test practices they adopted – a world of important information that could be valuable to so many inexperienced people who dream of taking up farming as a career. They could learn to make wise decisions while learning from others. Being from an IT/Marketing background, he realized this community needed to be online so that people all over the world can participate and contribute their learnings while learning more themselves.

Farming had always been a passion for Jacob, one that has been running through his veins for the past 20 years. A true-blue NRI, his summer vacations spent in Kerala with his grandmother was where he began to aspire about a farm of his own. But having been tied to a corporate lifestyle, he never ventured further into his dream for the longest time. One thing Jacob is known for among his circle of friend and family is the fearlessness with which he takes risks. When it comes to business, whether you make it or not, there should be no procrastinating. Jacob believe that “If it’s on your mind and you have a feeling from deep inside then why are you limiting your life on earth by LIVING IN A PRISON”. He believes that in future, if there is a war or the world economy crashes, and companies and businesses close down, people will always need food for nourishment. Farming is a career that will withstand all such calamities.

After numerous years in various areas of the UAE and USA, he returned home to bring his childhood dream to life – a thriving organic farm in Kerala. Since he had been blessed with acres of ancestral land, he set off on his farming journey with little to no knowledge about farming and took up the challenge of opening a Cattle Dairy Farm. Little had he known how much hard work and non-stop toil it would be. In fact, if he had known beforehand of all the hardships he would have to face in the first six months of starting the farm, he would probably have backed out of this entire venture. At first he made mistakes, incurred huge losses in a short period, had numerous tough challenges thrown at him. But Jacob weathered it all and continued to pursue his dream. After having lost two cows and five poor purchases, Jacob currently has a total of six healthy happy cows and 8 calves at his farm. Having stepped into the field as recently as September 2017, he had a lots of hits and misses. He ran into a lot of losses and spend 6 months learning practically a very expensive lesson. But he could not have gotten this education anywhere else but at his own farm. Although, Jacob still has a lot to learn and has touched only the tip of the farming world, he would like to help other upcoming farmers from making the same mistakes he did and escape big losses. He has been able to help a number of cattle farming aspirants with their own farming unit construction.

Jacob hopes to venture into various area such as duck farming, poultry, hydroponics, aquaponics, vermi-composte production, CO3/CO5 cultivation and much more in future. He practices a combination of old-age farming tactics with new-age technology, using the best of both worlds to bring about a revolution in the farming industry. With Kerala Organic Farm, he hopes to bring more awareness about this industry to upcoming farmers, where the information on the website can act as a guide when they first start off of their farming journey.

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